Our projects range from custom typefaces to self-initiated research and tools. Please contact us for project inquiries at info@26a1.xyz.

Custom Typefaces
A custom typeface provides a unique foundation for a memorable brand identity. We can seize the unique opportunity to create a design that is tailored to your needs and exclusive to you.
Customized Retail Fonts
We can customize any of our existing retail typefaces to meet your specific requirements, including additional OpenType features or language support.
Type Services
We offer collaborative services to transform your designs into fully functional typefaces as well as refine, expand or advise on your existing projects.
Research Projects
Our research is about challenging the boundaries of type design. We are searching for a realm where form follows function, where ambition drives innovation, and where the intersection of art, design, and technology becomes a canvas for positive transformation.
We aim to create software to advance the field of design—tools that streamline the design process or offer new frameworks, that open up new vistas of design possibilities. By making these tools accessible, we intend to empower a broader spectrum of designers to innovate and challenge the status quo. While we are driven to make a direct impact through our own work, we also recognize the exponential potential of equipping others with innovative tools, allowing them to effect change in their own unique ways.